52 Years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Six days after his death, the President and Congress passed meaningful Civil Rights legislation. 52 years later we still have black men and women being murdered on the streets of our nation by those hired to “protect and serve.” While the progress we have made at times have been extraordinary, the continual fight for justice and equality is deeply frustrating. The pain that we have seen in conversations and seen on the streets is real and the energy to make significant changes feels authentic. So we decided to do something. And 52 Years was born. Our goal is a humble one. While we understand that wearing a hat can not solve systemic racism, our hope is that it will open some eyes and minds to the need for change. Change that will not be easy. Change that is long overdue. 52 years overdue.


52 Years was created to support change and change begins when more people of color have opportunities that are afforded to all. To that end, our initial focus is to provide educational resources for Black students that may lack the resources needed to succeed in college. A percentage of our merchandise proceeds will go to individual scholarships to Black students that are committed to making a difference and fighting systematic racism.

You’ve worn
your heart on
your sleeve
long enough.
It’s not a hat.
It’s a wake-up call.
The hats
honor the past.
The heads they
rest on light
the future.

Do something. Now. Don’t think about doing something. Don’t wish you were doing something. Don’t wait for someone else to do something. This is your responsibility, no matter who you are.

Let’s make this country into what we’ve always told ourselves it is.

Let’s make truth from a lie.

Headwear & Masks

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52 Years

Wear your action. Share your action. Take action. It’s way past time.